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CreateCulture is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization with a mission to cultivate vibrant communities, neighborhoods and economies through cultural diplomacy, media for social change, and civic education.
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ACT Online Guide
ICPD25 Animation
Placemaking Week in Athens, OH
Workshops and Conferences
Athens County Together Online Guide
This is an online guide for community projects that includes video lectures, interviews with local experts, a printable practical guide, and tasks for every lesson. CreateCulture is responsible for the ideation, development, and creation of ACT. Each lesson was written and based off developmental research and experience from working on multiple community lead projects. ACT is based on a Belarusian online school for urban change, Zmena.City, that has also been developed, designed and implemented by CreateCulture's team.
Slavalachia Cultural Exchange
A cross-cultural exchange project for the unification of Appalachian and Slavic folk music and traditions. The project is aimed to provide facilitated collaboration of three folk bands from Belarus, Ukraine, and the Appalachian region of USA. Over a period of a year, participants will learn the music and traditions of one another in order to create a collaborative performance.
Slavalachia is in partnership with non-profits Tradycyja (Belarus) and 17 (Ukraine).
Opening Animation for the World Conference ICPD
Working with UNFPA and FP2020 we developed an animation to kick off the 25th International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) summit in Nairobi as well as a series of timelines that visualizes the history of family planning. Our role was to develop a storyboard based on a script provided to us along with the production and creation of the animation. We also created the design of the timeline that displayed the history of FP2020 from its inception to the present.
Placemaking Week in Athens, OH
Placemaking Week in Athens, OH was a week long series of activities (lectures, brainstorming sessions, workshops, etc.) for students and the local community in 2019. Placemaking Week started the conversation about placemaking and how the Athens community can work together to improve public spaces in the city of Athens. A short documentary Making the Place discusses the motivation of local activism and shows how mutual goal unite a community. An interactive description can be viewed here.
Conferences attended:
  • Digital Storytelling Forum, 2019 (Sofia, Bulgaria) - Participation, Ideathon Winners (Web Accessibility Project)
  • 3rd International Placemaking Week, 2019 (Chattanooga, TN, USA) - Speaker, Participant
Workshops we provided:
  • Media Tools for Socio-Cultural Projects at the Moscow High School for Social and Economic Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
  • Networking Workshop at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio, USA)
  • Community Development Workshops for Athens County (Stewart, Ohio, USA)
  • Participatory Placemaking Workshop at Placemaking Week in Athens, Ohio
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