General guidance for using the co-working space
General guidance for using the co-working space

- When it comes to the noise level, we like to think of it as "like in a library". You can talk louder in the large meeting room.

- We respect our colleagues' personal space and time (we use the conference room for general discussions).

- We try to create the most comfortable workspace for you, so please keep your desk clean and tidy.

Meeting Rooms

- We have two meeting rooms, "Library" and "Window".

- Only the Library, which seats 12 people comfortably, can be booked through the Telegram bot. If you need to book the "Window" room, you can contact the room manager.

- You can book no more than two hours a day.

- If you need to hold an event in the "Window'' room, you can fill out a request form.

The Kitchen

-The main rule in the kitchen is to keep it clean. After using anything, please, wash it, wipe the surfaces, put things back and put the dishes onto the dish dryer that's next to the sink.

- If you leave anything in the fridge, put a sticker with your name on it.

- Use the coffee maker carefully, the rules for its use are next to it.

-We have separate garbage collection. If you don't know where to put it, you can put it in the mixed trash.

Printing and scanning

- Send printable documents to, or by telegram @CreateCultureSpaceBel

Hate speech, aggression, and discrimination of any kind are prohibited in our space.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact our space manager.

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