«Photo Sprint»
April 20, 12:00-16:00
Do you take good photos?
Or do you simply enjoy capturing everything around you?
Then on Saturday, April 20, we invite you to the «Photo Sprint»!

Take a stroll through the old town, complete interesting tasks, and as a result, win cash rewards!

«Photo Sprint» is a creative game for all photography enthusiasts, where participants, within a limited time and specific locations, take creative photos on given themes. All photos must be submitted before the end of the game, and then independent judges will evaluate the works and award points to those they like the most. The person or team with the highest score for all shoots wins.

For the game, you will need:

  • A mobile phone / digital camera;

  • To independently track the game's time.
When: Apr 20, 2024

Time: 12:00 to 16:00

Location: Starting from CreateCulture Space (Karmelitu g. 5, Vilnius)

Participation fee: 10 euros. Prize fund: 80% of the funds collected goes to the winners, 20% is kept by the organizer.

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Rules of the «Photo Sprint» Contest
  1. It is not necessary to be a professional photographer!
  2. You can play «Photo Sprint» either as teams or individually. The maximum team size is five people.
  3. The principle of fair play is not to hinder or assist opponents.
  4. Teams receive tasks simultaneously at the start and can perform them in any order.
  5. A task may contain one or several words (providing a theme for the photo). The task does not specify what exactly should be in the photo.
  6. All photos must be taken during the game; it is not allowed to take photos from the internet, public or private archives. Additionally, the same photos cannot be used for different tasks.
  7. Participants are responsible for their own safety during the contest.
  8. Game organizers may ask participants to show additional shots confirming the originality (authenticity) of the photos taken during the game.
  9. The winner is the team or individual who has scored the maximum number of points for the photos taken.
  10. Prize fund: 80% of the funds collected goes to the winners, 20% is kept by the organizer.
Register on «Photo Sprint»!
How will the voting take place?
The open voting will take place on the same day, April 6th
  • 4 topics

    At «Photo Sprint», participants will need to complete 4 mandatory tasks, each corresponding to 4 different topics
  • 4 winners

    For each topic, a winner will be selected through voting. Participants can win in all «rounds»

  • at 18:00

    The voting will start on this website at 18:00 Vilnius time on April 20 and will continue until 23:59 Vilnius time on the same day
  • at 12:00

    The voting results will be announced at 12:00 Vilnius time on April 22. They can be found on the website and our social media channels
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